Spanish4Lawyers- “Can you email me the photos of the property damage?”

This blog was created to help attorneys communicate with their Spanish speaking clients.   In the last set of entries, we have been learning sentences and questions dealing with property damage claims in personal injury cases.  In our last post, we asked our client to take photos on his cell phone of the property damage.  Now that your client has followed your instructions, he needs to forward the pics to you.

Therefore, you will tell him:

“After you take the photos, please email them to me.”

In Spanish: “Despues que tome las fotos por favor mandemelas por correo electronico.”

Let’s do our usual analysis of this sentence:

Despues” means “after“.  “Tome” means “you/he/she take” in the present tense.  The root verb is “tomar”, “to take“.  “Mandar” means “to send”.  Here, we are using the  command “send”, as in “send them to me”.   The command is “mande“.  However, we will double up the suffix to add “them” (las) and “to me” (me).  It is pretty neat and tidy that we can add all of this to the verb.  Therefore, it becomes “mandemelas”.  Finally, “email” is correo electronico.”

Please listen to this sentence in Spanish by clicking below:

email PD photos

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Spanish4Lawyers- A letter to advise your client of appeal rights in Spanish

This blog was created to help lawyers deal with real life situations when trying to communicate with their Spanish speaking clients.  Today’s blog entry is different,  because, instead of a sentence, I am giving you a letter to help you in your practice.

The letter that can be downloaded below, is a form that is intended for attorneys to modify to their own case or office needs.  You can certainly add language for new trial rights or the rule for any Motion to Modify Sentence that applies to your jurisdiction.   If deportation problems after sentencing do not apply to your client’s case, you can delete that language.  What I was most interested in providing here was a letter giving the most important issues in English and Spanish, so that you and your client understand the implications of his/her sentence.

If you are reading this blog entry because you are trying to translate a word from or into Spanish, then you don’t have to read the whole letter.  If you are using a Windows computer, just hold “Control” & the “F” key, and a little window should appear at the top of the blog entry that says “Find” and has a little search window.  Type in the English or Spanish word you are looking for and it will be highlighted.  Since this letter is translated paragraph by paragraph, it should be easy to find the corresponding translated word.  (Note that, if you are using a Mac, you will hold “Command” & the “F” key, and the little search window may appear in your upper right hand corner of the screen.  You can then type in the word you want to translate.)

Spanish Right to Appeal

Mr/Ms. xxxxxx


Re: State v.XXXX

Dear Mr/Ms. xxxx

This letter will explain again important rights after your trial/your sentencing on_____, 20__ .    Esta carta explicara otra vez derechos importantes despues de su juicio/sentencia el ____________, 20__.

At that time the Judge found you guilty/gave you probation before judgment  of _____________________________________________________________________________ and gave you the following  sentence,_______________________________________________


Please note that, because of the Judge’s decision, it is possible that you could be deported. Also, this could be considered a Violation of Probation of any prior conviction and result in you going back to the Judge who gave you the Probation.  The Judge from that prior case could give you jail time or change the outcome which could, again affect your status in this country.

Por favor note que, por la decision del juez, es posible que puede ser deportado. Tambien, esto puede ser considerado Violacion de Libertad Condicional de cualquier violacion anterior y resultar que usted vuelva al Juez que le dio la libertad condicional. El juez del caso anterior puede darle tiempo en la carcel o cambiar el resultado el cual puede afectar su estatus en este pais.

Therefore, if you are dissatisfied by the decision of Judge, you must file an appeal within thirty days of the Judge’s decision on ___________.  You can do this by going to the Court and asking to file an appeal.

Por lo tanto, si usted no esta satisfecho con la decision del Juez, debe de apelar dentro del plazo de treinta días a partir de la decisión del Juez de ______________. Lo puede hacer, yendo a la corte y pedir una apelacion.

If you wish for me to handle the appeal, please call me so that we can discuss the costs and fee.  If you have any questions or do not understand anything in this letter, please call me as soon as possible.

Si desea que yo maneje la apelacion, por favor llameme para poder hablar sobre los costos y cobros. Si tiene preguntas o no entiende nada en esta carta, por favor llameme lo mas pronto posible.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.  Gracias por su cooperacion en este asunto.

Very truly yours,

Jeffrey R. Scholnick

Spanish4Lawyers- How do you say “How are you feeling since the surgery?”

This is a blog to help attorneys communicate with their Spanish speaking clients.  We have been working on sentences and questions that can be used by lawyers in personal injury, social security disability and workers’ compensation cases.  Today, let’s learn the question “How are you feeling since the surgery?

In Spanish:  “¿Cómo se siente despues de la cirugía?”

Let’s analyze the words in this question.  “Cómo” means “how?”   “Siente” comes from the word “sentir” which means “to feel”.  The “se” emphasizes that the speaker is talking to “you.”  “Despues”  means “after” or here “since.”  Listen carefully to how Lucy Pardo says the word “cirugia.”

How R U feeling since the surgery?

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