Spanish4Lawyers- “Can you email me the photos of the property damage?”

This blog was created to help attorneys communicate with their Spanish speaking clients.   In the last set of entries, we have been learning sentences and questions dealing with property damage claims in personal injury cases.  In our last post, we asked our client to take photos on his cell phone of the property damage.  Now that your client has followed your instructions, he needs to forward the pics to you.

Therefore, you will tell him:

“After you take the photos, please email them to me.”

In Spanish: “Despues que tome las fotos por favor mandemelas por correo electronico.”

Let’s do our usual analysis of this sentence:

Despues” means “after“.  “Tome” means “you/he/she take” in the present tense.  The root verb is “tomar”, “to take“.  “Mandar” means “to send”.  Here, we are using the  command “send”, as in “send them to me”.   The command is “mande“.  However, we will double up the suffix to add “them” (las) and “to me” (me).  It is pretty neat and tidy that we can add all of this to the verb.  Therefore, it becomes “mandemelas”.  Finally, “email” is correo electronico.”

Please listen to this sentence in Spanish by clicking below:

email PD photos

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