Spanish4Lawyers- Please bring your Charging documents to our meeting- Part 1

This is a blog that was created to assist attorneys communicate better with their Spanish speaking client.  Let’s say that you have already hired a bilingual  secretary to help you converse with your clients.  She has scheduled your new Spanish speaking criminal client for a meeting tomorrow afternoon when she will be there to interpret for you.  It is now 5:30pm, and she has left for the day.  Señor Embriagado is calling because he wants to get directions and ask what he should bring to the interview.  Fortunately, you have read the earlier entries on this blog and you are able to give him perfect directions.  Next you will want to say the following sentence (or at least part of it): “When you come in for your appointment, please bring with you the Statement of Charges, tickets, and any other documents you have from the Court.”

In Spanish: “Cuando venga para su cita, por favor, traiga la declaración de cargos, multas y cualquier otro documentos que tanga de la corte”.

As usual, let’s analyze the words in this sentence- we have some new entries here.  However, because this is a rather long sentence, we will review the first half of the sentence today and leave the balance of the words until the next blog entry.

“Cuando” is ‘”when”.  “Venga” is the command form of “he/she/you come” and is from the root “venir”.  “Para” means “for”.  “Su” is “your”.  “Cita” is an “appointment”.  “Por favor” is “please”.  “Traiga” is the command form of “he/she/you bring” and comes from the root “traer”.  “La declaración” is the “statement”, “de” is “of” and “cargos” is “charges”.

Professor Lucy, please tell our new client to bring all of his paperwork for our meeting:

Bring your charging documents

Below, you will find a memorable prop to adorn the front of a law office and make for an interesting initial interview.

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