PI Questions


1.  “Were you injured in the accident?”

In Spanish:  “¿Fue herido en el acidente?”

 See 4/30/12 blog entry
2.   “What part of your body did you hurt in the accident?”
In Spanish:  “¿Que parte del cuerpo se lastimo en el acidente?”
See 4/30/12 blog entry

3.  “Please point to the parts of your body that you injured.”

In Spanish: “Por favor, señale alas partes del cuerpo que se hirio.”

See 4/25/12 entry

4.  “Please show me how the cars hit each other.”

In Spanish:  “Por favor muestreme como los carros se chocaron.”

See 4/13/12 entry

5.  “Please draw a picture of where the accident occurred.”

In Spanish: “Por favor haga un dibujo a donde ocurrió el accidente.”

See 4/9/12 entry
6.  “When you went through the light, was it red, yellow or green?”
In Spanish:  “Cuando usted pasó el semáforo, estaba en rojo, amarillo o verde?”
See 2/28/12 entry
7.   “Was there a witness (to the accident)?”
In Spanish: “¿Hubo un testigo en el accidente?”
See 12/5/11 entry
8.  “Please write down the name, address and phone # of the witness.”
In Spanish:  “Por favor, escriba el nombre, dirrectión y numero ed teléfono del testigo.”
See 12/6/11 entry
9.  “Do you have a lot of pain?”
In Spanish we would say “¿Tiene usted mucho dolor?”
See 12/16/11 entry
10.  “What is the Insurance Company for the car which you were in?
In Spanish: “¿Cuál es la compañía de seguros para carro en el que usted estaba?”

See 12/2/11 entry

11.  “Who is the owner of the car which you were in?”

In Spanish: “¿Quién es el dueño del carro en el que usted estaba?”

See 12/1/11 entry

12.    “Are you the owner of the car?”

In Spanish this would be “Es usted el dueño de carro?

See 11/29/11 entry

13.  “What is the Police Report Number?”

“Cuál es el número de reporte de policía?”

See 11/18/11 entry

14.   “Did the police investigate?”

In Spanish we would ask:  “La  policía investigo?”

See 11/17/11 entry

15.  “In the accident were you a driver, passenger or a pedestrian?”

The Spanish: “En el accidente, fue usted el conductor, pasajero o peatonal (or peatón).”

See 11/16/11 entry

16.   “Please write down the date and time of the accident.”

The Spanish would be: “Por favor escriba la fecha y hora del accidente.”

See 11/15/11 entry

17.  “Where did it happen?

In Spanish we ask: “Que dirección ocurrió de accidente?”  Or: “Donde ocurrió el accidente?”

See 11/11/11 entry

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